Quick loans with property guarantee. We accept bad credit.


Short-term money in what you secure long-term financing

Loans with the property guarantee

Loan providers offers the quick and uncomplicated solution you were looking for. With us you can get a short-term loan (up to 12 months) by putting your property under guarantee.

Pay low installments of only interest, from 3.50% per month and settle all the capital at the end of the term.

All you need is the title of your house, apartment, building or office and a valid ID. Make your request online and immediately an advisor will be communicating with you to coordinate an appraisal (we accept appraisals under 1 year of validity) of the property and approve you in less than 72 hours.

You can move to your new home before selling the old one, injecting business capital or remodeling to sell better. Make your bridge loan with us today and get your money immediately.

On time solution!

Our capital allows us to be the best ally of people and companies when they need to act quickly to take advantage of a business opportunity, expand credit experience or solve a transitory liquidity problem; without wasting time gathering the enormous requirements demanded by other institutions and waiting for weeks while the application goes through an interminable bureaucracy, which frequently implies irreparable consequences for you. In Panacédito you will have your money fast and without complications.

  • Do you need to move to your new home without still having sold the old one?
  • Do you have bad credit or do you need to improve it to qualify for a bank loan?
  • Do you need fast money to take advantage of a business?
  • Do you want to remodel your house and get more profit by selling it?

Well, you came to the ideal place! Start sleeping peacefully because you are and we are fast and without complications .

Requirements to apply for the loan:

  • 1 minute of your time and an email
  • Be of this planet, of legal age and have a valid identification
  • Public, private or independent employee
  • The registration must be in your name or someone who can sign the contracts