Free Fast Loan: 1 Loan 0% interest free

Loan companies try to attract new customers with very aggressive marketing campaigns that are beneficial for consumers, such as free credit offers for new customers , that is, without interest, commissions, expenses or fees. Based on the opinions of clients , I have created a list with all the lenders that grant each new client their first loan for free.

Advantages of the loan Free

If you have come this far, you need money urgently and you are looking for options to get the cheapest possible and nothing better than take advantage of the offers of free fast loans on the internet offered by some financial institutions in order to be known by the general public and thus gradually gain market share.

The only precaution you have to take is to be responsible and be aware that by the date indicated, you will have to pay them back the amount they lent you (yes, not another euro)

The amounts that you are going to lend for free are small, ranging between 50 and 300 euros (if you need more and you want to keep going free, ask a small part of each)

What are the requirements of interest-free loans?

Each portal has its own requirements but in a generic way, I will list what are the four requirements that you must meet to qualify for the free loans.

  • Reside legally in Spain
  • Provide your ID
  • Provide the bank account number
  • Provide the telephone number and email

They demand so few conditions because they try to make the potential customers see how fast and easy it is to process a loan with them.

They try to keep customers loyal, so that when they need money again, you can go back to them and at that time they charge you the standard fees. It is a very successful commercial strategy that all those who need small We must take advantage of the amounts of money and thus save us the interest that they would charge us in traditional banks.

Tip: In a hurried situation I recommend you take advantage of these offers because you only have to return the same amount that they lent you, not another euro.

No need to submit endorsements (unlike those that are requested to traditional banks that require you to present a guarantor to approve the credit)

Documents to request interest-free loans?

Documents to request interest-free loans?

The amount of money from loans at 0% APR is small, so the lenders do not require much documentation, they will generally ask you for papers to prove your identity and your financial solvency.

Identity document: You scan your ID and send it via email

Proof of regular income: Photocopy of your payroll, pension or unemployment payment.

Each entity has its own peculiarities but they do not usually put up a lot of obstacles because they want to gain new clients and the risk they assume of default is not very high.

Free Credits: Application process

Free Credits: Application process

You enter your website through the buttons “more information” that you will find at the top of this article, fill in your data with the required fields and the platform itself will guide you.

These are very simple steps that anyone can do without having any type of studies and that the form is completed in just 10 minutes.

What are free loans for?

Each one has its own motives, although it is common for all of them that money is urgently needed and the cheapest way to obtain liquidity is looked for, it is as if it were an advance of the payroll, with the APR applicable to a 0 %. In my environment of family and friends, the causes and the destinies of the money are of the most diverse, from fixing the boiler of house until paying to the dentist.

The most common purposes are the following:

Domestic breakdowns: The arrangement or purchase of new appliances that can not wait for the next payroll to be charged, such as the washing machine or the refrigerator. The repairs of the car is another of the most common reasons for which money is requested.

Traffic fines: The notification of a fine can catch you unaware and without money to pay it (if you pay it before 15 days reduce the fine by 50%, so the savings is considerable)

Health problems: The purchase of glasses for the child or paying the dental fillings are other reasons that make finding a solution in the free loan

Special events: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, fly to school, wedding invitations or communions force us to make an extra expense and we do not always have a balance for this in the current account.

Travel: Many people ask for a free loan to go on vacation for a weekend or for summer vacations and then return it with the next payroll.

Free credits without interests or commissions. Conclusions

  • It only addresses new customers.
  • I have tried several of them and I have been satisfied. I only had to return the amount they left me, not another euro.
  • 30 day return period
  • Requirement of very few papers to borrow it.
  • Loans of small amounts: Between 50 and 300 euros.
  • They are minicreditos to 0% of interest.
  • The money arrives very quickly to the current account.

There are other financial products that can help you out of economic trouble, I leave a list of them:

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