Carefree loan: the formula proposed by the banks


Loan : this is the new bank formula provided by the bank.
It is a new banking product: an elastic solution, particularly accessible and far from burdensome for the contractor ..

This banking mode is aimed at all those employees who have a regular paycheck, such as an open-ended contract; a pivotal condition is to present a permanent employment contract.
We see the prerequisites and details of this mortgage loan mode.

Conditions of access to the Mutual formula

In case the contractor does not have a continuous or stable income situation, he can intercede a guarantor (these must not have exceeded 85 years of age), and avail of a first mortgage.
The importation of the first mortgage will be equivalent to 200% of the total amount disbursed by the bank .
At the end of the financing relationship, the applicant must not be more than 80 years of age; given this condition, Loan imposes a rather elastic age threshold: you can access the credit even at 65/70, with a payment forecast placed between 10 and 20 years.

The amount that can be financed reaches a ceiling of 50% of the value of the property for the purpose of obtaining liquidity and extinguishing liabilities.
The duration of the loan history is therefore rather short, being a mortgage loan: it can in fact be traded at 10, 15 or 20 years, at a fixed monthly rate .
There are also no penalties on the early termination of your mortgage.

Loan allows you to apply for an application with a regular employment contract or through a guarantor who, at the end of the relationship, has not completed 80 years of age.

Loan: rate calculation

The rate of the loan is determined at the signing of the contract, and can not be changed for the duration of the bank bond, in relation to the duration of the financial relationship with your bank, the rate will be modulated in the following ways:

  1. For a duration of 10 years: 1.60% of the rate;
  2. For the 15-year formula: 1.90%;
  3. For durations of 20 years: 2.15%.

As far as the preliminary costs are concerned, Mutual Loan makes use of the following key conditions:

  • For loans up to 80,000.00 euros, 1.25% is required;
  • For loans from 80,000,01 to 130,000.00 euro, 1.00% is applied to the amount of the loan granted, with a minimum amount of € 800.00 and a maximum of € 1,300.00;
  • For mortgages from 130,000,01 to 250,000.00 euros: 0.90% calculated on the amount of the loan granted, with a minimum amount of € 1,170.00 and a maximum amount of € 2,250.00;
  • In the case of mortgages exceeding the threshold of 250,000.00 euro, the percentage of 0.90% is applied, calculated on the amount of the loan granted.
    The expenses with a minimum amount of € 2,250.00 and a maximum amount of € 2,500.00.

Policies that are contextual to your mortgage

Like many other mutual schemes, this loan applies a policy contextual to your contract.
loan imposes a fire / burst policy with a premium charged on the installments of your monthly fee.
The percentage exercised on each individual is equal to 0.0155% of the sum insured, broken down by the number of agreed annuities.

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