$ 50 bail and ban from leaving Miami for Pablo Lyle for hitting the elderly man who died later

US Judge Alan S. Fine imposed on Mexican soap opera actor Pablo Lyle a $ 50,000 bond on Monday barring him from leaving Miami until the next hearing, scheduled for May 1, related to the death of a beaten man in a discussion about traffic.

The actor’s mother fainted in the middle of the hearing in which Lyle appeared, whose lawyers defended that he only hit the deceased and that “he never intended to kill anyone”, so “it is not a murder case”.

The audience of the actor, the actress Ana Araujo and the son of Juan Ricardo Hernández, the 63-year-old Cuban died last Thursday at the Jackson Hospital in Miami, to which he was transferred immediately after the incident, which occurred on March 31.

Released on $ 5,000 bail

Released on $ 5,000 bail

Lyle, who has so far been released on $ 5,000 bail, must use an electronic shackle once he deposits the new bail.

The Office of the Prosecutor had requested that a bail of one million dollars be imposed on “a possible murder case in the second degree,” but Judge Fine only set the amount of 50,000, as requested by the defense.

According to a video recorded by a security camera, after hitting Hernandez, the car in which Lyle was traveling when a passenger left the place leaving the Cuban unconscious on the floor.

The 32-year-old actor was arrested hours later and then placed on probation after posting bail of $ 5,000.

On Tuesday, April 2, she requested permission from the court to travel to her country, which was granted by Miami-Dade County Magistrate, Lisa Walsh.

Review the bond

Review the bond

That same judge, when the death of Hernandez was known on Friday, ordered the actor to appear at a hearing on Monday to review the bond.

“Mr. Lyle will appear when the court so requires,” his attorney, Bruce Lehr, told the Miami Herald.

Lyle, protagonist of the telenovela “My adorable curse”, declared that he left the scene because he feared for the safety of his six-year-old son, who was traveling with him.

According to the police report, and as seen in the video of the security camera, Hernandez got out of his car at a red light and came to claim through the window the occupants of the vehicle where Lyle was going because he had closed the door. path.

The driver of the car in which Lyle was traveling came out and argued with Hernandez, but then returned to the vehicle when he realized he was moving.

The actor, who had also gotten out of the car, punched him in the face that left him lying on the ground unconscious.

According to local media such as America TeVe, Hernandez had planned to marry last Friday with his partner three years ago.